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My songfic for the South Park boys and for a small part Clyde too I don't own South Park or the song
In South Park elementary all the kids gathered in groups of 5 to come up with a theme song for their group Stan ,Kyle ,Cartman Kenny and butters were in group and came up witha theme song . On presentation  day they were ready. Ok said Mr garrison up next is Stanly Kyle Eric and Butters .ready boys they noodled ok go! A random guy came on  the stage and started sing sit back now ! Let me tell you a tale where justice dose not prevail about an ill fated life so very filled with strife that 2 wrongs shall not make a right so! Butters now sings when I was born I did surely scorn by proud parents name then our.ives went down the drain .Drove them insane my birth was a curse I bit the nurse oh but I love the worst  ?I deserve to slowly submerse dried up like a hearse . Kyle sing when I was 2 I poured super glue into  my fathers hair as he sat unaware In his arm chair. Much to his dismay had to cut it all away oh but it felt great . I deserve to be cut and felled and then tossed about in disarray .stan sings I am not a bad man even though I do bad things very bad things such horror able thing  I but it's not quite what it' seems (Kyle in a tiny voice )not quite what it seems . (Stan again ) Not quite what I  seem ah hell it's exactly what it seems . ( Cartman ) when I
 Was 4 I'd wait by the door with a knife and a most devious plan it would be quite grand as I put the. metal in his sot the sharp edge he got oh but I love thought . I deserve to be tied in a knot broken bones and blood clots . (Kenny ) when I was ) I used to trick the next door neighbor 's son in the woods we would run . Hide and seek has a cost he would be forever lost oh but I love to scoff  . I deserve  to have my head lopped of hidden and covered in moss until this memory is forgot . (Stan and Kyle ) when I was 8 I used to hate the couloir of my house so as quit as a mouse I'd burn it down to the ground when know was around oh but I love the sound I deserve to quickly be put down rotting 6 feet underground . (Cartman ,Kenny and butters ) when I was ten I use to pretend to drown in the sea until they'd come and rescue me then proceed to laugh in their face such a disgrace oh but I love the taste .(Cartman and Butters ) When I was twelve  to delve into evil schemes just to release some screams for
 my self  esteem pushed my sister down a well she just fell oh but I love to dwell. I deserve to roast deep down in hell where no one can hear me  yell (Kyle ) when was fourteen (thinks ) nothing much happened except for that 1 time (screen shows Kyle killing people with a pack of kids  , one of the mayor's gaurds running with  bad cuts on his body and a dead floating mayor McDaniels  then it cuts to Cartman's gang harassing people in an alley  then Cartman laughs and sings again ) I am not a bad man even though I do bad things very bad things such horrible things (Kyle growls )(Cartman keeps singing ) but it's not quite what seems not quite what it seems butters and Kenny sing ah hell Cartman smiles sadistally ) and cuts Kyle's chest open it's exactly what it seems !  (Kenny sings)!when I was sixteen life was frightening my brother was quite dull so with laughter in my skull I put him in in a hole and buried him alive he barely survived oh but I love they cry  I deserve to be battered and fried electric chair that's set on high .(Stan ) now that I am 18  I still hate things from this cell I call my home no friends no phone no life to call my own! (Butters  here  I will lie until the very day indie until my blood begins to dry and I return to the darkness from whents I came . So I am not a bad man even though I do very bad things such horrorble things ! But it's not quite what it semis Cartman and Kenny sing in high voices not quite what it seems Clyde cuts in not quite what I seem (Cartman ) ah hell he , Butters ,Kyle and Clyde it's exactly how I seem!

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Submitted on
February 3, 2014